The enabling of MeshKit end-to-end software platform enables the automation and structuring of uav data collection, analysis and processing. The use of photogrammetry and computer vision to make aerial images truly more decisionable visual data

Construction Site

High PrecisionEarthwork Measurement
Delivering high efficiency, low cost and reviewable workflow of earthwork measurement
End-to-end suite of tools
Field data acquisition automation
Uav photogrammetry
Internal processing contract delivery
Full CycleHotpoint Photo Shoot
Empower marketing and innovation for real estate programs
Path specification customization
One-click automatic collection
Construction record
Delayed image output
Refined andAutomatic Cruising
Achieve automation in collecting aerial media data
Intelligent path planning
Collection specification setting
One-click automatic flight
Break point continue flight
High accuracy flight positioning
Task data management

Qizhidonglian construction projectmanagement application of eight modules

Uav selection
MeshKit mobile terminal
MeshKit desktop client
MeshKit cloud services
Intelligent task set up
Flight expert technical support
Internal data processing
Data product delivery

Other Industries

  • ⾼成本:传统测绘手段存量设备购置成本⾼。
  • 低效率:⼤量重复作业依赖⻜手⼈工操作。
  • 利用倾斜摄影,配合⾃动任务执行与航线规划,并运⽤ MeshKit 私有云对图后数据进行处理输出,促进地理信息⾏业转型升级
  • 低效:大体量,⼤范围,高覆盖的任务作业流程⻓,耗时久
  • 重复:同类型作业需要重复操作
  • 人工:⼤量的任务执行和数据管理依赖⼈工作业,智能化程度低
  • 自动化巡检:AI 辅助⻜行减少⻜手出错,降低了⻜手培训成本
  • 自动报表:中央与作业团队可实时查看并管理
  • 跨平台云服务:⼀站式的图后数据与任务跨平台管理
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